1z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert certification

Published: 01st July 2009
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Date: 06/22/2009

By: uCertify - uCertify Team

Titled: Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047-Certification


"Oracle Corporation" is the largest and most trusted upon enterprise software company in the whole world. Oracle, being the most secure, protective, maintained, reliable and operational database, have become one of the largest sold and used database. It is economical and easy to maintain. Almost all big organizations use Oracle to keep their records because of its excellent performance and comprehensiveness. It offers a powerful combination of technology as well. Oracle comes with upgraded versions that are better than the earlier ones; therefore, there will always be growth in job market for the Oracle certified candidates.

Oracle Certification, as other certification courses is a professional certification program offered by the "Oracle Corporation". Doing Oracle Certification simply means getting specialized in a particular field.

Oracle certification branches:

1. Oracle Database Operator (DBO): The work of DBO is to assist DBA with day to day database operations such as database startup and shutdown, installations, backup and recoveries, etc.

2. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): OCA works with database administrators or application developers as a junior team member. The OCA certification is the foundation for the job of Web administrators, database administrators and developers in future. OCA certification ensures that the candidate has knowledge of important database administration tasks, understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact.

3. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): OCP candidates have skills for managing a large scale database. OCP certification helps the experienced candidates to acquire senior positions in their career. Oracle Certified professionals are supposed to be database experts. They have the skills of setting up and managing Oracle Database functions, and to keep running the databases at maximum efficiency.

4. Oracle Certified Master (OCM): It is the last level in the Oracle Certification Program. OCM candidates are the experts and they have the in-depth knowledge of Oracle server. They shoulder the responsibility of handling critical database systems and applications.

Structured Query Language (SQL):

Database or database schema, though, exists logically but to access data from a database or to manipulate the same there is need of some standard language, and that language is SQL (Structured Query Language). SQL is a simple non-procedural querying language and is most popular amongst the database application computer languages of the present era. Originally, known as SEQUEL, it was introduced in 1974-75 by an IBM research center. Later on, in 1979, the Oracle Corporation named it SQL and re-introduced it as a language for the commercial database system. It was standardized by the ANSI first and then by the ISO. SQL statements are used for purposes like updating of data in the database, as well as insertion, deletion and retrieval of data to and from the database.

SQL is a simple language but has the power of managing the basic database related tasks, from mere insertion and deletion to complex manipulations. Thus, to work on the database efficiently one needs to be expert in SQL. Oracle, for the same purpose, provides the certification course in SQL named 1z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert. This is one of the Oracle Certification Programs, which ensures that the candidates have a strong foundation and expertise in SQL.

1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert Exam Information:

1. The time duration for the examination is 120 minutes.

2. The number of questions to be attempted by the candidate is 70, all objective type of various forms.

3. The passing score is 66% and is subject to change as and when required.

4. The price of the examination is $125 US

5. Associated Certifications:

Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert

Oracle 11g DBA OCA

Oracle 10g DBA OCA

Oracle9i DBA OCA

Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

Main objectives covered 1z0-047 Exam:

1. Retrieving data using the SQL select statement

2. Restricting and sorting data

3. Using single-row functions to customize output

4. Reporting aggregated data using the group functions

5. Displaying data from multiple tables

6. Using sub queries to solve queries

7. Using the set operators

8. Manipulating data

9. Using DDL statements to create and manage tables

10. Creating other schema objects

11. Managing objects with data dictionary views

12. Controlling user access

13. Managing schema objects

14. Manipulating large data sets

15. Generating reports by grouping related data

16. Managing data in different time zones

17. Retrieving data using sub queries

18. Hierarchical retrieval

19. Regular expression support


The two main advantages of getting certified in 1z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert are as follows:

1) No matter whatever new version is introduced by the Oracle Corporation, SQL will always be needed for processing and manipulating the database. Hence, being certified as an Expert in SQL will always provide job avenues in the IT field.

2) Oracle is not the only one to use SQL as a database application language but there are others also like Microsoft SQL Server, so getting expertise in SQL proves to be helpful.

Why to know about 1z0-047?

There is a great need to know about the Oracle Certification Program name 1z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert because as said above Oracle comes with upgraded versions that are better than the earlier ones but SQL, being the standard database application language, will always be required. As the new versions of Oracle will be introduced new Certification Programs would come into the market simultaneously but getting certified in each of them is a time consuming and money wasting process whereas, on the other hand, getting certified to an expertise of SQL is like covering all versions in one. Hence, being certified in 1z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert is more advantageous as compared to other SQL version-wise certifications.


There are 19 objectives each having approximately 4 sub-objectives, which are to be covered while preparing for the examination. The best way to prepare for the examination is to do objective-wise planning and study in the same manner. Since the sub-objectives of a particular objective are related to one-another therefore, it is always a good idea to prepare the sub-objectives of an objective all together and then proceed further. Seeking help from Oracle's site, its online documentation and other reference books would help in better preparation for the examination; making use of preparatory materials enhances the level of preparation as well.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Getting expert in any field is always advantageous. There are a number of benefits passing 1z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert. The job of data entry and retrieval into and from the database is one of the basic jobs done using SQL. Since there is a large number of places where the database is being used, there is a large number of job avenues to fresh candidates as well as to the experienced ones, benefiting them with the return of large amount of capital in the form of good salary.

Useful Resources:


Following good books are available at the time of writing this document, which are written specifically from Oracle exam point of view.

-OCA Oracle Database SQL Expert Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-047) By April J. Wells

-OCP Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional Study Guide By Robert G. Freeman, Charles A. Pack, Doug Stuns

When you are ready to prepare for 1z0-047 exam, here's where you should start.

Recommended Training and Preparation:







Exam 047 has been validated against Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g. Training on either version will be appropriate preparation.

Additional Information & Resources:

Material on the topics "Generating Reports by Grouping Related Data" and "Hierarchical Retrieval" are found in the Appendix of the Oracle Database 11g training manuals that accompany the Recommended Training courses.

Exam Retake Policy: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=138

Sample Questions: http://www.oracle.com/global/us/education/certification/sample_questions/exam_1z0-047.html

Exam Simulators:

uCertify, the market leader in IT Certification Exam Preparation, provides Oracle Database SQL Expert 1z0-047 Exam Simulator. The simulator is quite useful and effective in fine-tuning your preparation within a limited timeframe.

Certification Forums:

Certification forums are a very good resource to align you preparation with your peers. You can discuss any insight, problem, or issue with like-minded professionals and keep yourself updated all the time through the forum. Oracle Certification Forum facilitates such a platform for you to succeed in the 1z0-047 exam and enhance your learning experience.


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